About Us

Dear Darlin',

We are a family-owned business, all born and raised in the great state of Texas and love spending time together.  It only seemed fitting that we would start and build this boutique business together with the same strong values and faith we built our family.  Our party of four includes a jokester, two (not so little anymore) darlin and amazing girls, and one blessed momma.  Being from the South, we love our Chick-fil-A, sweet tea, and a whole lotta Jesus.  We believe you rise in lifting those around you, hustling for a greater purpose, and know helping others find their light and beauty will never diminish your own.

My passion for styling was inspired by my mom who shared her love of fashion and encouraged me to stand out and be yourself which is probably why I am always searching for unique pieces.  She made some of my clothing when she couldn’t afford to buy it and even designed my prom dress and her dress for our wedding.  I have loved dressing up my own girls from the moment they were born and quite frankly still do.  Growing up, the girls were always asked, “where did you get that” and they usually said, “I don’t know… my mom bought it”.  Now, we hope to share our style with you and dress the world together.  It is important to us that we find unique, fun, and classy fashion for women of all ages, sizes, and styles.  We hope after visiting our store, you feel empowered and inspired to walk the sidewalks like they are your own runway, feeling beautiful and confident.

With much love, xoxo

The Dear Darlin' Team